AI-Generated Output, Content, Sources - Managed, Tracked, Identified and Controlled


This is our mission, and focus at AI-ID.

We are at the early stages of a revolution, and evolution – with AI impacting and transforming all industries, structures, and commerce methodologies. And even more – we now have an entirely new data layer in our information structure. Effective management of the data paradigm is critical for AI to thrive and drive value across global ecosystems in an efficient and effective manner. AI has become a cornerstone for commerce, interaction, and governance in today’s world. The ability to foster trust will be crucial for driving innovation and productivity, and taking our industries and nations to higher levels of success and prosperity in the future.

Truth, At The Source

For the Future of AI


Management Team

Shaunt M. Sarkissian

Founder, CEO

David Campbell

Co-Founder , CTO

Armen Grigoryan

SVP, Software Development

Michael Valasanyan

VP, Head of SW/Platform Engineering

Hannah Stutler

Director, Product Mangement

David Stastny

SVP, Business Development

Advisory Board

Mike Walsh

Cybersource, Warburg Pincus

Karen Webster



Dean Thomas

Managing Director, Ankura

Brian Mikalis

Strategy, Markets

Don Kingsborough

Founder, Blackhawk Network


Frequently Asked Questions

Identifying AI-generated content is important for ensuring transparency, legal compliance, and ethical considerations. It helps to build trust between users and organizations, and ensure that AI is used in a responsible and ethical way.

Identifying AI-generated content and processes is important for building trust, ensuring legal compliance, and increasing accountability in commerce.

Nearly all industries across the board will be impacted by AI, and its related platforms and services.  Market Size estimated at 1.6 Trillion by 2030.

AI, and related Generative AI platorms, are creating a whole new output layer.  Just like HTTP with the growth of the WWW, managing, securing, and identifying the data/outputs that layer creates is more important then ever.

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